Planning is the fundamental component of the design and shaping process. It determines the essential requirement of the specific area and circulation pattern. Planning also helps understand the client's furniture layout and equipment placement needs.

Interior Design

Interior design is the art of creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for enhancing the space. It is the science of understanding architecture to decorate the interior space with beautiful layouts.

Exterior Design

The exterior design specifies the physical architecture and design of the external-facing component of the building. It consists of facades, roof shapes, patios, deck, gardening, retaining walls, and many more. The exterior design secures our home, and harmonious style maximizes its functionality and usability.

Structure Design

Structure design determines the systematic analysis of the strength and rigidity of the structure. The primary objective is to fabricate the system capable of resisting all applied loads. The structure design must be well planned and constructed to perform its intended function with deliberate consequences.

Turn-Key Points

Turn-Key points refer to the end-to-end process from framing structure to finishing the interior. The turn-key solution involves various business processes under one roof and is immediate. It also helps in producing better quality of work at an affordable price.

Building Information Modelling

BIM is an agile communication for visualizing design in 3-dimension to make the work faster and more efficient. We assign an expert to understand the client's BIM requirements right from project modeling to value engineering offer quality control and timelines throughout the transition process.

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Plan your space

Space planning is the essential aspect that starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is used. The designer draws up the plan of the basic layout of a specific area defining the zones of the space. The space plan will also determine the circulation pattern and furniture placement to ensure it fits and uses the space well. It also helps to understand the client’s functional requirements and deliver successful outcomes that genuinely meet the client’s now and in the future.

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Floor Plan
Priyansh Batham

Priyansh Batham

At Plan and Shape, we create customized interiors using modern techniques and high-quality material to deliver a unique concept to our clients. with our fluent knowledge, experience, and network of industry professionals, we provide excellent customer service in all regions.

Civil Engineer & Architect

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Our Quality Work

We Plan and Shape, visualizing and sketch design plans with a creative eye as per client goal. Our unique vision makes interior space functional and beautiful by improving lighting, color effects, texture, pattern, and an expert in selecting fitting and equipment. Our constructive team plan each task and deliver milestone before the deadline by creating a quality work environment.

Why Quality work is essential

Our team of Plan and Shape focuses mainly on quality and creates a strong brand reputation by satisfying our customer needs. Managing quality is crucial, but our efforts on simplifying design, layout process, and functional space help us become the creative inspiration. The delivery of quality services to clients who retain their loyalty contributes to our company’s long-term revenue and profitability.


Creative designers who can well articulate your interior spaces and deliver projects within the stipulated budget and time frame. A great team for work.
Staff was very professional as well as cordial. They explained each and everything in very professional manner. Special thanks to Mr. Priyansh Batham for his support and coordination.
Client Anshu Soni
Ansh Ji
Employees are cool and calm in their presentations. Seems to be good company in the modular kitchen segment & furniture designing.
Client Shweta Ji
Shweta Ji
Block Academic Co-ordinator

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