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Let’s work together to create a sophisticated, modern environment that reflects your unique personality by transforming the space.

At Plan and Shape, we create customized interiors using modern techniques and high-quality material to deliver a unique concept to the client. Our fluent knowledge, experience, and network of industry professionals provide excellent customer service. Our expert team of planners, architects, interior designers confer a styling certificate from London.

We passionately offer our 3D renderings to the client to approve the proposed house design vision from concept to completion. Clients appreciated the down-to-earth attitude of the design for building traditional architecture and interiors in the new fabric of the modern environment.

Planning Structure

Plan and shape commenced business operations in 2016 by the name of ‘Gurukripa Construction’ to provide the highest quality design services to the client for both interiors and architecture.


We have a dedicated team of consulting architects design-build contractors completing the project’s milestone using the latest technology was tremendous. We have years of experience and completed various projects at Mumbai, Shahdol (M.P), Indore, Mhow, and many more places. The company is growing by combining architect, constructor, and interior designing talent through immeasurable hard work and dedication to serving others.

KNOWLEDGE: Our expertise and experience added value to the overall economy of the business delivered excellence to our customers. We make thoughtful decisions, build products with unique creativity, and achieve breakthroughs after meeting many challenges.

INTEGRITY: We believe in uncompromising honesty and transparency that trust is the most valuable asset. Integrity is our constant choice to grow business throughout our industry by generating innovative customer solutions.

QUALITY: We work structured and commit ourselves to continuously improving our performance by adopting the highest quality leading technology. Focus on long-term thinking and go the extra mile by seeking creative ways to solve problems.

Result -Oriented: Our passion and positive spirit strive to improve and reach beyond our comfort zone to get the final result. Our team focus on the results instead of the process used to produce a product; achieving results adds value to our customer.

Building Information Modelling

BIM is an agile communication for visualizing design in 3-dimension to make the work faster and more efficient


Rendering or image synthesis is the process of generating a photorealistic or non-photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model


Our design team manages the entire project from the initial concept of architectural details and drawings


Space planning has a powerful impact on interior decoration to make the area look more airy and spacious

2D Floor Plan

planing ahead

Along with space planning, our team has a vast knowledge of space allowances and furniture sizes to collaborate with various spaces.

We at plan and Shape, enjoy the space planning and call it the basic framework of the design process

We love the challenges of organizing furniture fixtures & fitting effectively

Planning also helps understand the client's furniture layout and equipment placement needs

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